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I am an award-winning photographer based in Hampshire and for me, the most powerful photos are the ones that have captured real moments. This is why I use a natural documentary style when photographing weddings.

I want you to remember how you felt on your wedding day, not what the photographer told you to do!

This means real wedding photos, no awkward posing, or cheesy smiles. It's all about those mushy feelings. Seriously, I want you to feel the same way in 30 years as you did the first time you saw your photos. That's why I capture real moments at weddings. 

Weddings should be about doing what you what to do! Forget the top 10 guides or what your sister's friend's aunt did! Just do what makes you happy. 

The couples that book me for their wedding photography are looking for an unobtrusive photographer. Someone who can capture their wedding and all of those unique moments whilst having a low profile; all the time just blending in like a guest. The best weddings are the ones where the married couple can just have fun. You should be concentrating on celebrating with your guests, partying with bridesmaids and groomsmen, and enjoying your wedding venue; not worrying about your photography.

I will let you into a little secret, the majority of people are camera shy. There is a reason I am on the other side of the camera. It's not about taking photographs, it's about having an incredible time and letting me into your world for a day to capture it through photography. Even if you choose to have some wedding photos of just the two of you, it's just both of you spending some time together and I photograph it. 

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Lloyd went out of his way to encapsulate our day in the most extraordinary light. He made us both feel at ease and truthfully, on the day became invisible yet somehow captured the most amazing moments that we will treasure for our lifetime. 

- Abbie and Elliot

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

It can be nerve-wracking when looking for a wedding photographer. Since when do you ever go shopping for one? I take the time to get to know you and for you to get to know me. The secret to capturing meaningful moments in photography is to understand your subject and understand what and who is important to them. This process is vital, my clients know I have their best interests at heart and therefore this instills trust. With this trust, I become invisible on the day and capture the most intimate moments. 


It goes without saying that I love photography and especially at weddings. There is such a wide range of natural and real moments available you are spoilt as a photographer.

A few things about me; I joined the Navy at 16 then the Fire Service at 24. I have two children, Arthur & Florence and a wife called Rosie.   


I’ve always been incredibly creative and obsessed with human emotion, interaction and those milestone-moments in life. So it was inevitable that, someday, I would fall head-over-heels in love with wedding photography!


I’m a Graphic Designer & Marketer by day and a Photographer by night… I mean, for weddings! And years of studying Art has really come in handy when looking through a camera viewfinder.

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Lloyd and Megan captured our wedding day in the most natural way possible, just as the day unfolded. They were completely non-intrusive and enabled us to feel completely comfortable with the photos being taken. From helping settle nerves whilst getting ready, through to capturing the fun on the dance floor in the evening. They’re both lovely people and we haven’t found one photo we’re not happy with! Thanks for providing such perfect, special memories.

Lauren and William

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Award-winning Hampshire Wedding Photographers 

Both Megan and I come from Hampshire and - fun fact - we both went to the same school on the South Coast together! As Wedding photographers based in Hampshire, we know just how much this beautiful county has to offer. I've already mentioned our lovely Hampshire coastline, which has been host to many wedding and engagement shoots which we have captured within our South-East Weddings. A number of my couples have taken advantage of the historic culture of the area, by hosting a Portsmouth Wedding. Furthermore, Hampshire Wedding Venues such as Southend Barns, Three Choirs Vin Yard and Tithe Barn give that countryside-feel that this diverse county provides. 


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