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Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Let's create beautiful wedding photos while you have fun.

The best moments happen when they are unplanned 

The memorable weddings are the ones where you can have fun. To be able to celebrate with your guests and let loose is when you are going to have once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

I am a wedding photographer based in Hampshire and I cover the whole country. Weddings are the best place for me to work, I simply love it and I feel humbled whenever a couple invites me in to document it.  

The photos that I capture are a time machine. They transport you back to how you felt and they will do that forever.


If my style of wedding photography is what you are looking for then tell me all about your plans. 

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Unobtrusive Documentary Wedding Photographer in Hampshire, Surrey & West Sussex

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Clients who book me are looking for an unobtrusive photographer. Someone who can capture their wedding and all of those unique moments whilst blending in like a guest.

Wedding photography goes beyond one photo, it's about telling your story 

Explore the stories of past clients and imagine how your story will be told.  

"The pic of my Mum hugging me before I left the house makes me cry every time I look at it as it captures her love, joy and happiness – all in one image!"

Suzanne and Neil

Think Differently About Wedding Photography 

I am an award-winning Hampshire wedding photographer based on the south coast and, the most powerful photos are the ones that have captured real moments. This is why I use a natural documentary style when photographing weddings. Hampshire is the perfect blend of citycoast, and country, blessed with the natural beauty of two National Parks which are perfect for weddings.

Epic Weddings
in Hampshire

Weddings should be about doing what you want to do! Forget the top 10 guides or what your sister's friend's aunt did!

Do what makes you happy. 


The couples that book me for their wedding photography are looking for an unobtrusive photographer. Someone who can capture their wedding and all of those unique moments whilst having a low profile; all the time blending in like a guest.

Documenting Weddings not Staging them

This means real wedding photos, no awkward posing, or cheesy smiles. It's all about those mushy feelings. Seriously, I want you to feel the same way in 30 years as you did the first time you saw your photos. That's why I capture real moments at weddings. 

Being based in Hampshire means I cover weddings in the New Forest, Surrey, Dorset, West Sussex and further afield also. I am lucky to have some of the most photographically inspiring wedding locations in the South East

The Best Weddings
are Unposed!

The best weddings are the ones where the married couple can have fun. You should be concentrating on celebrating with your guests, partying with bridesmaids and groomsmen, and enjoying your wedding venue; not worrying about your photography.

I will let you into a little secret, the majority of people are camera shy. There is a reason I am on the other side of the shutter. It's not about taking photographs, it's about having an incredible time and letting me into your world for a day to capture it through photography.

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