• Lloyd Richard

The Great Hall Winchester - NYE Wedding

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

New Year’s Eve 2016 – and my first wedding crossing two years in one evening!

The day started with the bride and groom preparing for their long-awaited moment in two very special locations; the bride using the marital home and the groom at his childhood home. All was going beautifully until suddenly I heard the bride’s happiness turn to shock and panic, as she received a photograph from the venue. Her chairs had arrived, but chair covers had not been supplied, as per previously discussed. Putting down my camera, I quickly swept into action, calling a contact from a fantastic business - The Extra Detail Company. Hayley, the owner, obliged fantastically with just two hours notice on New Year’s Eve and it was crisis averted. Camera back in hand, ready to continue shooting this rollercoaster morning!

Breaking tradition, Alex and Andrea decided to go for a First Look (blog link) in the stunning location of The Great Hall in Winchester, home to King Arthur’s Round Table. After the tumultuous morning, both bride and groom clearly felt a wave of relief and excitement at being able to see one another before taking their vows, without their crowd of guests in the room with them. These intimate and emotive shots demonstrate the love and excitement Alex and Andrea clearly felt just less than an hour before their ‘I do’s’.

The ceremony commenced at the nearby Winchester Registry Office, before bride and groom were whisked away in their fantastic Morris Minor (Married in a Moggy), clearly suiting the Vintage theme of the day itself.

Arriving at Potters Heron for a fun-filled reception and celebration (of both New Year’s Eve and of course, the marriage) guests enjoyed the endless humour and sparks of the evening. From a fight over the bouquet (nobody was injured in the making of these photographs) to the many guests joining the bridal party for the first dance. Not to mention the colourful ending to the big day, seeing in 2017 with sparklers and champagne.