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Bartholomew Barn Wedding Photography

Updated for 2020

bartholomew barn wedding photography

Bartholomew Barn Wedding Photography

‘I hope the weather holds out for the egg and spoon race!’ is not a sentence you hear very often as a wedding photographer. But it was apt for the wedding of Katy & James – If I ever talk about creating teams for your wedding games it came from this wedding.

Wedding games at Bartholomew Barn

Wedding at Bartholomew Barn

Set within the rolling Sussex Downs, Bartholomew Barn is a refurbished Grade II listed barn, it was a relaxed and happy event for everyone. They had planned the day down to a tee, including games, but as everyone prepared for the Bartholomew Barn wedding ceremony to begin, the grey clouds threatened to spoil the fun…

Katy, her family, bridesmaids and close friends got ready at a beautiful house in Bognor Regis, rented especially for the occasion, so that everyone could be together during the morning wedding preparations. It’s really rare for me to arrive and the bride to be ready to go, but Katy already had her hair and make-up done and all that was left to do was slip on the wedding dress. I’ve got to say, it was a great game plan – It meant she could relax, joke around and help her bridesmaids and no one had to worry about being late – It was a stress free zone!

Wedding at Bartholomew Barn

Wedding in the Sussex Downs

When we arrived at Bartholomew Barn we were totally captivated by this venue's idyllic setting, perhaps we should have guessed with a wedding in West Sussex, but the weather started to turn. We watched as people dashed from their cars clinging onto umbrellas and James hopped in and out of the wedding venue as the wedding guests took their seats outside… OUTSIDE? That’s right, the ceremony was in the doorway to the beautiful Bartholomew Barn! We juggled our cameras and an umbrella to get the best photos. But right on cue, just as Katy started to walk down the aisle, the sun beamed down on everyone. As the wedding day went by, it was evident how much Katy & James and their friends and family cared about each other. I felt pretty lucky as their wedding photographer, as every time I turned around, there was another wedding guest beaming with happiness and pride. The bridesmaids were fiercely loyal to Katy and you could tell they were all having a great time! But that meant it got pretty competitive when the eggs and the spoons finally came out for the big race – even Lewis Hamilton would have broken a sweat over this one! Dresses were pulled up and trainers were on, all the better for running! And I think you’ll see from the wedding photos that there’s only one word to describe this part of the wedding day – Hilarious! If you don’t think wedding games like this have a place on a wedding day, then you’re not doing it right, because with the right people, the right atmosphere and the right weather (!) it can make a wedding day go from average to unforgettable!

Wedding ceremony at Bartholomew Barn

Barn Wedding in West Sussex

We took some time to take Katy and James away from Bartholomew Barn to get some wedding photographs in the surrounding fields. These brief moments are sacred at a wedding because they are not only so we can get great wedding photos but they are also a valuable opportunity for you to have some time together. Even if you didn’t have a wedding photographer with you, you should still go off for a walk in the grounds of your wedding venue.

Mr and Mrs game at Bartholomew Barn

Mr and Mrs game at Bartholomew Barn in West Sussex

It was one of those weddings that seemed too easy, not because I wasn’t running around working incredibly hard, because I was, but because the people there were all such a pleasure to photograph. That’s because they genuinely cared about Katy and James. And the couple repaid them by putting on a really fun and memorable unique barn wedding day. So I take off my hat to them, a couple who know how to throw a party!

Whether you are getting married at Clock Barn or another country wedding venue and would like to talk to me about your wedding photography then get in touch.

Visiting Bartholomew Barn

Bartholomew Barn is a beautiful wedding venue situated in Kirdford, off the A272 between Petworth and Billinghurst. It is just down the road from another wonderful venue, the lovely Field Place Manor in Worthing.

The main attraction of Bartholomew barn is the magnificent barn, being a grade two listed oak beamed barn means it has lots of appeal when choosing a wedding venues. Barn weddings are a popular choice when choosing a wedding venue and looking at Bartholomew Barn it is easy to see why. With it’s two double doors on either side of the barn this lets an abundance of light into the space, perfect for wedding photography.

If you stand outside of Bartholomew Barn and just stop and listen you won’t hear a lot and this is because you are surrounded by beautiful farmland. If you choose to have your wedding here you can be sure that you have the place to yourself and that means the wedding DJ and turn the music up!

This wedding venue is perfect for those winter weddings also! With its handsome fire place and wood burning stove you and your wedding guests will be toasty. To set the idyllic scene there are fairy lights wrapped around the oak beams perfect for that romantic setting.

The Courtyard at Bartholomew Barn

Those double doors I mentioned lead you into the flower filled courtyard where you can enjoy some canapes and a glass of champagne following your wedding ceremony.

There is a large fish pond which makes a beautiful feature and keeps the children entertained for ages. Katy and James had an outdoor bar and an evening barbecue to keep people fed and watered. As the sun when down the patio heaters came on and kept the courtyard cosy for all that stayed snuggled under the blankets.

The Potting Shed at Bartholomew Barn

I never thought I would be told that the bride would be getting ready in a potting shed! But this isn’t just any potting shed, this pretty space incorporates a sitting area and bathroom. It also has a full length mirror so you can get ready here or simply just freshen up.

Outdoor Space at Bartholomew Barn

Set with the Sussex Downs you are surrounded by woodland and farmland, this is the perfect location for a country barn wedding. The elegant front lawn is where Katy and James had there egg and spoon race but this could easily accommodate anything from a wedding marque, bouncy castle or treasure hunt. Bartholomew Barn has a magical bluebell wood next to it and at the right time of year this would be perfect for your wedding photography.

The Summer House at Bartholomew Barn

This is a new addition to Bartholomew Barn but also a welcome one. This is the perfect place to sneak off with your loved one to enjoy a moment of quiet. Equally, your guest might benefit from the summer house, a parent with a small baby would welcome the private space and one of the more mature guest would perhaps take a moment to retreat away from the party.

8 reason to choose Bartholomew Barn for your wedding

· Private location in the country

· Beautiful grounds

· Everything in one place

· The staff and service is impeccable

· Easy to reach from Petworth

· Perfect for wedding all year round

· Spoilt for choice when it comes to your wedding photography

· Great evening party location (the barn)

If fun, unique wedding photography is what you are looking for when you have your wedding at Bartholomew Barn then please get in touch as I always love visiting this Beautiful Barn Wedding Venue. Contact


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