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Chichester Wedding Photographer

Chichester Wedding Photographer

Chichester Wedding Photographer

There are so many things that make Sarah and Dudley’s Chichester Wedding at Southend Barns one that I will never forget… A bucking bronco, one of the rudest best man speeches I have ever heard and the groom getting kicked in the knee by an alpaca, to name but a few! But even if none of those instances had happened on their wedding day, the truth is, the two of them are pretty unforgettable people!

Documentary wedding photography in chichester

West Sussex Wedding

The great thing about being a wedding photographer in Chichester, is that there is a bridal suite built into the venue, for the bridal party to get ready and for the happy couple to spend their first night as Man and Wife; It’s so convenient, and that’s where I joined Sarah on the morning of her wedding day. The champagne was flowing as the bridal party got ready and Sarah was in jovial spirits as she joked with her best friend and Mum. Sarah was definitely one of the more chilled out brides that I have worked with – More than anything, she was just living in the moment and laughing with everyone, rather than worry about the day. There are plenty of hotels near Chichester, but Dudley, his friends and family were all staying in a beautiful house, an Air-BNB in Selsey, which meant that everyone could relax and enjoy one another’s company, and once they were ready, they could pop down to the beach at Selsey on what turned out to be a beautiful, sunshiny day! One cool thing about Dudley’s groom prep was that his younger brother had just qualified as a barber and gave the groom a traditional wet shave; A responsibility that I wouldn’t have wanted. Give me photography over a razor blade near someone throat any day – But thankfully, like a true professional, the shave as perfect!

Barn Wedding Venues, Sussex

As Dudley arrived at what must be one of the premium Wedding Venues in West Sussex, he greeted the guests and then took the opportunity to take some time to himself in the ceremony area; the tranquil ‘Secret Garden’ – A new addition to the venue and a stunning outside wedding venue in Chichester. Everyone was beaming as Sarah made her way down the aisle in the gorgeous sunlight and I made sure I didn’t take my camera off of her. Once the ceremony was over, a mad dash back down the aisle was adorned with colourful confetti thrown at the bride and groom by the jubilant guests!

Alpaca’s at a wedding?

The grounds of the venue make for an excellent garden party – games were played as the wedding guests congratulated the couple, enjoyed the canapes and observed us at work taking photos during the group shots. We then whisked the couple off to the Alpaca field, adjacent to the venue, as Sarah is a big wildlife fan! I’m pleased to say we got some great shots – Including the moment right after the groom had been kicked in the knee by an alpaca!! Safe to say, it was really painful for Dudley, but Sarah couldn’t help but laugh; she had warned him not to get too close!!

Barns for Weddings

I really enjoy being able to use my camera at barn weddings like this – The ambience this style of wedding venue gives an extra level to the day’s proceedings. The speeches, especially the best man’s speech and a speech by the brother-of-the-bride, were an education in the subtle art of loving humiliation, including embarrassing photos, for both the bride and groom! Although I think Dudley ended up worse for wear; I can’t repeat the joke from his best man on here, but let’s just say it’s an anecdote that I will never forget, but perhaps it’s one that Dudley’s Grandma didn’t need to hear!

Wedding Reception in Chichester

After the speeches, we took advantage of the stunning scenery around the wedding venue and had a portrait session during the golden hour. Immediately followed by… A bucking broncho? That’s right! The wedding couple had hired out this excellent touch to the day to keep the guest entertained! And entertain it did, as guest after guest (many of whom had already consumed a nice amount of alcohol) flew off the contraption in so many different ways!

Again, I like shooting at a beautiful chichester wedding venue because the lighting, beautiful wooden beams and small touches like fairly lights in this barn wedding venue meant we got some killer shots of the couple during the first dance and as the guests got into full swing on the dance floor into the evening. All that was left to do was for the couple to enjoy smores with friends by the open fire as their big day came to an end.

What a day! Thanks to Sarah and Dudley for having me along on their eventful wedding day! And the coolest part is – I got a go on the bucking bronco too! *Those photos will remain classified, as I fell off after only a few seconds!*


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