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Osea Island Wedding Photographer

Osea Island Wedding Photographer

Jewish and Irish Wedding Photography

I couldn’t wait to photograph Osea Island for Emily & Cian's Jewish and Irish wedding. As a wedding photographer who loves to shoot enchanting wedding locations, it doesn’t get much better than Osea Island. Located on the Essex coast only an hour away from the City. There were two photographers as the Osea Island wedding photographers for the day, myself and my good friend and colleague Jamie Dunn.

Jewish wedding photography on Osea Island

Jewish Wedding Photography

As Emily looked incredible as she walked to the Chuppah to meet Cian, who also looked sharp in his suit and kipper. The idyllic black drop of the Blackwater Estuary was perfect for their celebration under the chuppah. Both sets of parents were there to support the happy couple and it was clear that it was a very tender moment. Osea Island provided the perfect blank canvas for their wedding. No matter where you looked the wild and rustic feel of this Essex wedding venue seeps through. I am a documentary wedding photographer and this wedding venue gave me non-stop moments to capture.

This Jewish wedding was full of the beautiful traditions that I just love to document, including the Hora and Mezinke, check out the photos below!

Hora and Mezinke at Osea Island

Essex Wedding Photography

I would recommend this wedding venue to anyone who wants to switch off from the world and savour moments.

Congratulations to Emily and Cian on your wedding day and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

The Enchanting Osea Island

This is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue, set on its own secluded island surrounded by the Backway Estuary and only an hour away from London. It is described on thri website as “a place to daydream, a place for romance and friendship, a place to sit out under the stars around a blazing firepit gazing up at a canopy of distant galaxies.” This sounds like the perfect place to say your wedding vows.

To accompany the Island is surrounded by 550 acres of rustic gardens, orchards, meadows and salt marshes. All of these work together to create a one-of-a-kind location for your Essex Wedding.

Osea Island also has a collection of beautiful accommodations ready for you. From the charming cottages to the grand house and even apartments for your wedding guest to stay in.

There is an array of locations for you to host your wedding ceremony here. You could choose to have an outdoor ceremony like Emily and Cian or the Power House or The Bomb Factory.

Osea Island History

Osea Island has one of the most interesting histories of any wedding venue I have visited. In 1913 The British Deperdussin Aeroplane Company used the now wedding venue to test their newly developed seaplane. That is just the start of the range of uses this beautiful retreat has been used for. In the first world war, it was the site for the Coastal Motor Torpedo boats this was alongside the 2000 sailors billeted here.

A little closer to our current time the Island has hosted many TV shows and the island's causeway has been the backdrop for the Women in Black.

Looking for a wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding on Osea Island then please get in contact. I am passionate about capturing real moments, which means the photos you have will have more meaning and that will last forever.


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