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Pitt Hall Barn Wedding Photography

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Pitt Hall Barn Wedding Photography

Pitt Hall Barn Wedding Photography

Jessica is without a doubt, a super-mum! It's phenomenal to think that she planned this beautiful wedding while caring for her 3 young children AND baked her own wedding cake. But if you met her and her now husband, David, you would totally understand why. The two compliment one another so well, and planned every aspect of this Basingstoke wedding day to perfection. Having been together for so long, including bringing 3 beautiful kids into the world, it was their time to celebrate their love for one another!

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The bridal prep took place at the stunning Pitt Hall Barn wedding venue, with David getting ready at the Apollo Hotel in Basingstoke with his groomsmen. Later, their adorable son Joshua arrived and delivered a personalised tie-pin to David, a surprise gift for him from Jessica. Meanwhile the Bridesmaids (not forgetting the additional 'BridesMAN', one of Jessica's male friends) and Jessica's gorgeous daughters, Isabelle, 4 and Amelia, 2, watched on as Jessica made her transformation into a stunning bride.

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As the barn wedding ceremony approached, David greeted the guests with everyone eagerly awaiting Jessica's arrival. With their daughters as flower girls for the day, on entering the ceremony and spotting David, little Amelia shouted 'DADDY!' and ran towards him as fast as she could. After Jessica made her stunning entrance and the ceremony began, their son Joshua, 6, completely stole the show by delivering a perfectly read poem for the occasion, seriously impressing all of the guests in the process.

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Throughout the day, my assistant and I were able to make the most of the stunning farmland that surrounds the venue; Jessica and David had even planned in time for us to travel around in the 4x4 taking them to perfect spots for portraits and allowing them time to themselves to savour the day.

After the Wedding Breakfast and speeches, it was time for the party to start, which was initiated with a big surprise for Jessica; the groom had secretly booked her favourite band to perform at the reception, and her reaction was the stuff of a wedding photographer's dreams!

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