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Shaw House Wedding Photography

Shaw House Wedding Photography

This is a wedding that will stay with me forever. Not only because the Bride and Groom were an incredible couple, but because I also owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Wedding photography is a tough job, and sometimes, like with any job, things don’t always go to plan. It was on this wedding day that I got not one, but TWO FLAT TYRES, that put my car out of action, and I had to rely on the kindness of Jerry to save me and my second shooter from being stranded, allowing us to continue to capture their day. And throughout it all, there were no complaints, just the observation that it was ‘…all a part of the day!’.

A hidden gem, located in tranquil surroundings on the north edge of Newbury

In all seriousness, these people are awesome. They are the most generous bride and groom. Not only did they help us, they also shared their big day with their son, allowing him to celebrate his 21st birthday too. And they LOVE photography, specifically black and white photography. I can’t tell you how special it is to work for people who have a deep understanding and appreciation for the work you do – please take your time to look at these photos because I think they mean a lot to everyone who was involved in capturing this special day.

Shaw house wedding photography

Berkshire Wedding

Sharon and Jerry invited us to their beautiful home, where they were preparing for their big day together, surrounded by their family. It was all-hands-on deck as everyone enjoyed breakfast and helped each other get ready. On the way to Shaw House for the ceremony, the beautiful grounds of the registry office, is where I got two flat tyres – the less said about that, the better! But that’s where Sharon and Jerry came to our rescue and picked us up on their way to their West Berkshire wedding ceremony!

Often described as a hidden gem, Shaw House is located in tranquil surroundings on the north edge of Newbury. It was a pleasure to enjoy the day as a Shaw House wedding photographer.

The Berkshire wedding ceremony was a simple affair, which was the perfect tone for this cool and laid-back couple, who walked themselves down the aisle. But it was the simple touches that made it so special, like Sharon’s stunning non-traditional dress, and their daughter Lola handing them the rings.

Wedding Reception at the Queen’s Lodge

At this point, I hope you can see from the photos that it was pretty easy to shoot Sharon and Jerry – they were just so in-to each other and loved up! They hardly needed any direction. The portraits are authentic because they’re so comfortable in their own skin and, most importantly, with each other.

After the Shaw House wedding ceremony, everyone headed off to The Queen’s Lodge for the wedding reception – the perfect location for such a sunny day with its big beer garden! More guests arrived soon after – who we were informed were ‘The Barnsley lot’! The influx of such friendly northerners was the perfect addition to the fun and quirky set-up of the venue from Sharon, with plenty of bunting, games and hay stacks!

wedding guests having fun

A shared occasion

As the evening descended, it all got a bit emotional with the groom’s speech, solidifying Sharon and Jerry’s devotion to one another. Not only that, but the couple had decided to share the day with Sharon’s eldest son, Joe, to celebrate his 21st birthday! Queue an incredible surprise video documenting Joe’s life watched by all the guests – it really was epic! You only need to look at the photos to see how much Joe, and everyone, enjoyed the video. But it’s just another example of what a selfless couple Sharon and Jerry are.

laughing at a wedding

The Golden Hour

Soon after, we convinced the couple to go on a short drive in Jerry’s Jaguar so that we could take some shots of them as the sun was setting, AKA the golden hour! If the weather is good, it really is something that can’t be missed on a wedding day. And we were so lucky to be very close to a stunning hill not far from the venue. At first, we were hesitant to ask the couple to walk into the grass, but Sharon declared that she was a ‘country girl’ and threw herself into the moment – which I am so grateful for – I think we got some gorgeous shots of them enjoying their time together as the sun set on their perfect wedding day. I feel we really did produce some fantastic Berkshire wedding photography for t

lambourn wedding photos

Sharon and Jerry – There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how grateful I am that you were the couple that I shot that day. Thank you for helping us in our time of need, but also, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day and for capturing those moments for you. It was a truly unforgettable experience! I will never forget your generosity and I sincerely wish you a very rich and happy life together!

What did the bride and groom think of their photos:

"Firstly, again WOW and thank you so so much for sending us your priceless photos!We have spent the last few days looking at them (rather a lot), with wine (rather a lot) and we simple love them (EXTREMELY A LOT).

I know we have said it before, but you really have totally captured everything, the people, the atmosphere, the emotion and the setting.

One of the things that struck us the most is that many of the pictures were art gallery quality i.e. I would have admired them regardless of the subject being our wedding.Yourself and Megan could not have done a better job for us, we will cherish our memories forever thanks to you.​"

Sharon and Jerry

wedding prep location

morning coffee for wedding

wedding day sign

bride getting ready at lambourn

mother of the bride getting ready

mother and daughter getting ready for wedding at lambourn

father dressing his daughter before the wedding

father and duaghter getting ready for the wedding

bride having make up applied

brides sons laughing

bridal lipstick being applied

bride walking down the stairs

groom walking down the stairs

bride and groom driving to Shaw House Wedding

Shaw House Wedding Venue

Bride and groom arriving at Shaw House Wedding

Bride and Groom getting married at Shaw House Wedding

groom putting the rings on at Shaw House Wedding

exchange of rings at Shaw House Wedding

signing the register at Shaw House Wedding

bride and groom leaving Shaw House Wedding

bridal portraits at Shaw House Wedding

bridal portraits outside Shaw House Wedding venue

Queens Lodge Wedding reception lambourn

wedding sign at Queens lodge wedding

children at wedding playing with ballon

children at wedding playing

wedding detail

wedding guest having fun at Shaw House Wedding

father of the bride in a wing

wedding speech in the garden

bride and groom wedding speech

first dance at Shaw House Wedding

confetti at Shaw House Wedding

sunset photos at Shaw House Wedding


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