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About Lloyd 

Portsmouth Wedding Photographer

I love watching moments happen, they build up like a crescendo, and all the time this moment is happening I am constantly observing the light and composition (making sure a tree isn't sticking out of your head, etc). Then just as the moment started it begins to fade away, seamlessly into another moment. Ever since I started studying documentary photography this is how I see the world (sounds a bit dramatic when you say it out loud). 


On your wedding day, there are thousands of these moments and my job is to find them and preserve them for you. This is where getting to know you come into it, the more I know you and what makes you tick the better chance I have of finding the right moments. The moments that in many years to come will still mean something to you. 

I have a wonderful little family by the sea in Hampshire Rosie and I enjoy taking the kids to the beach and just throwing stones.  

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My Wedding Philosophy

You will hear me say it over and over, just do what you want to do.

It is tempting to look at wedding guides and past weddings you attended for inspiration but only use it like that, inspiration.   

Weddings often follow a pattern, almost a template. Make yours different, make it your own, make it memorable.

Just start with a blank canvas and think about what is important to me. Whenever you make a decision ask yourself is it important to me, then if it is then add it!


Weddings days go by so quickly and it is easy to get caught up in it all, do what makes you happy. 


One of the best things a past couple said to me is “we are going to the pub for an hour to have a bit of time together”. This was their portrait session, no posing just them in their own environment and me taking photos. It was perfect!



Masters Of UK Wedding Photography Awards



Fearless Photographers Awards



Nine Dots Association



Wedding Photography Select Awards

Being based in Porstmouth

(Well just outside of it)

I have always loved living by the sea and what better place than the south coast. I really enjoy being able to photograph weddings around Portsmouth, it is such a beautiful city and has a lot to offer wedding couples. From the beautiful view of the Spinnaker Tower (below) to the very unique setting at Spitbank Fort.


You probably already have your wedding venue and wedding photography locations decided but I am always happy to recommend some places you may not have considered. 

Spinnaker Tower wedding venue -1.jpg
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