Real Weddings 

Being a wedding photographer means telling a story and I can showcase these stories through my blog posts. By looking through these posts you can get a feeling of the love, emotion, happiness, celebration and excitement I capture at a wedding. These weddings come from many popular venues across Hampshire from Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, and the beautiful New Forest.

Just like the works of the famous Hampshire storytellers Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, your wedding has a beginning, middle, end and all the fun parts in between. This is why a documentary-style complements a wedding perfectly because it is timeless and when you share these photos they will always evoke the same genuine feelings.  

I would say that I spend 90% of the wedding discovering those unique moments with my camera and 10% of the day on the group shots and the couple's photos. You are in complete control of this, it's your day! If you only want to have one group shot, great, let's make it happen. If you want to have more time with your partner, perfect, let's go for a long walk around the venue grounds. Ultimately, it's your day and I am there for you.