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Beaulieu Abbey Domus Wedding Photography

Beaulieu Abbey Domus Wedding Photography

Beaulieu Abbey Domus Wedding Photography

I was excited to be the wedding photographer at Beaulieu Abbey Domus especially as we met previously for an adrenaline fueled engagement shoot on a boat in the Solent, so I knew this couple would have a wedding to remember.

There is only one word to describe Kate and Paul’s unique wedding at Beaulieu Abbey Domus… Elegant! But how could it not be when you choose to get married at this incredible 800 year old abbey wedding venue in The New Forest?

Beaulieu Abbey Domus Wedding Photos

Beaulieu Domus Wedding Photos

I began the day by joining Kate as she prepared with her family at the gorgeous Chestnut Cottage outside Beaulieu in the heart of their New Forest wedding location. It was a hive of activity in one corner your had groomsmen learning to tie ties and the other you had hair, make-up and a wedding dress being put on. It was moving to see everyone become emotional as Kate revealed her incredible backless wedding dress.

Meanwhile, Paul was getting ready with the groomsmen at his home. We soon met up with them at Beaulieu Abbey church, an incredible wedding location in the New Forest, which was built in the 13th Century, for the ceremony. He greeted the wedding guests jovially while Kate made her way in a gorgeous vintage car. Soon, it was time to make her way down the aisle along the regal red carpet, high archways and red crucifix of the surrounding décor of this impressive Abbey Domus. I made sure I my telephoto lens (long lens) because there are certain rules at the Domus one of which is that the wedding photographer isn't allowed at the altar. Then the guests were treated to live music from a Guitarist & Saxophonist as the register was signed and then the couple were bombarded with confetti as they exited the New Forest church as man and wife.

Beaulieu Abbey Domus Wedding Photography

Documentary wedding photography at Beaulieu Abbey Domus

As the guests headed to the Cloisters and Domus of the Abbey for the wedding reception, I headed off with the couple in the vintage car so that they could enjoy the moment and for some wedding photos along the Beaulieu ponds. After re-joining the guests, it was time to enjoy the beautiful grounds surrounding the Beaulieu Abbey and get some picture-perfect shots!

Next followed the meal and then it was onto the speeches… which were incredible! Both Kate and Paul had such heartfelt tributes paid to them by the father of the bride and the best men. Having both been involved in life changing accidents prior to meeting one another, it felt as though the entire room could appreciate how lucky they were to be there and to have found one another (on tinder no less!). Not only that, but it turned out that Paul had met one of his best men by saving his life! Once the speeches were done, I was left with a sense that the two of them make quite an extraordinary couple.

Beaulieu Abbey Domus Wedding Photographer

Elegant wedding venue in Hampshire

There was no cutting-of-the-cake but instead, a massive pork pie for a cake! And after the first dance, the party got started with a very modern live band and flashing lights juxtaposed against the tapestries and high-oak-beams of this ancient Domus Abbey. Finally, we stole the couple away for one last shot in the darkness of the evening, where we strategically lit the arches in the cloisters with the flash to highlight them and the gorgeous couple as they shared a moment together.

I felt that my excitement leading up to this shoot was justified. What a day! The September weather may have been overcast, but that certainly didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Kate and Paul exude class & elegance and radiate a passion for life & sport that make them a pleasure to be around. Congratulations to the bride & groom and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed being your Beaulieu Abbey Wedding Photographer!

Whether you are getting married at Beaulieu Domus Abbey or another New Forest wedding venue and would like to talk to me about your wedding photography then get in touch. Keep scrolling to find a gallery of weddings photos from being a wedding photographer at Beaulieu Abbey Domus.

Getting Married at Beaulieu Abbey Domus, New Forest

Wedding couple looking for an unusual location for their wedding or are simply searching for an elegant wedding venue in Hampshire should look no further than the Domus at Beaulieu!

To be able to say you got married in a Domus, which was founded 800 years ago by Cistercian Monks from France, isn't something everyone can say.

Home of the Montagu family, the famous National Motor Museum and World of Top Gear this is a national recognised site and one which will have your wedding guests excited to arrive.

The staff are there to make your wedding day as special as possible and can also provide a marquee to cater for larger wedding parties of between 300 and 3000 guests which can be themed to create a unique atmosphere for your special day.

Wedding Photography at Beaulieu Abbey Domus

The idyllic surroundings of the New Forest and tranquil Beaulieu River create a unique setting for your wedding at the Domus. The New Forest is the perfect location for a wedding. Wherever you are there is a picture perfect backdrop that will let you get lost in the moment. What is a perfect blend of landscape photography and wedding photography will lead to some fantastic wedding photos.

Wedding Venue - Beaulieu Domus

Flowers - Janet Powell

Wedding planner - Alex Witchell


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