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Testimonial Form


So, how did I do?

Throughout my life, I have thrived on feedback from others. It really helps me understand what I am doing right and wrong thus allowing me to build my business for the future.

I’d really like an honest account of how I performed. Constructive criticism is the name of the game. I hope should you have a concern which has kept you up at night then you would have contacted me directly already.

The bottom Testimonial box is where you would enter your largest piece. This would then, in turn, be viewable on my website. I do occasionally add in paragraph breaks or make grammatical corrections just to give an easier viewing experience. I would never change the content of your testimonial. 

I intend to use the testimonial for marketing purposes on my website and social media accounts. If you would rather the testimonial stay private, please let me know.

Top Tip: Think of what you would have wanted to read when you were initially looking for a photographer.

Did you know? Every couple who submits a wedding testimonial between the 1st of November 2019 and the 31st of January 2020 will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win £50 cash. The draw will take place in February 2020.


Copy ‘n’ Paste to Google for an Extra Entry!

For an extra chance to win the prize draw please submit a review to my Google business page which can be found here. Hit “write review”, give me a rating, copy ‘n’ paste the “Your Testimonial” section of this page and then submit. If you are super keen I will add another entry if your partner leaves a Goggle review too!


One last thing. Don’t undervalue the power of a recommendation of my work. A simple text, email or conversation with someone about my photography goes a long way.

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